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Revolutionize Your Modeling Process


Analytical Model Generator (AMG) for Autodesk Revit

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Structural Model
Analytical Model
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Introducing AMG

The Analytical Model Generator is a powerful software solution that streamlines the process of creating and analyzing structural models in Autodesk Revit. Designed specifically for structural engineers, this software provides a comprehensive solution to generate, check, and optimize analytical models, making the modeling process faster and more efficient.

With three easy steps - prepare, generate, and check - users can create complex analytical models in just minutes, allowing them to spend more time on analysis and design. Using an intelligent algorithm, this customizable tool will certainly improve your productivity. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, the Analytical Model Generator is the ultimate tool for simplifying your Revit modeling workflow and saving time.


Watch AMG in Action


Simplify Your Workflow with 3 Simple Steps



Select elements and custom configurations for analysis and design


Create flawless analytical models in seconds and customize views


Check for mismatches between analytical elements and physical associated elements

Ready to optimize your time?

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